Guo Gan, the master of two strings from China

Guo Gan. The Master of Chinese ErHu . He became the first traditional chinese musician awarded “Knight of the Order of the Arts and Letters ” by Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, the France Ambassador to China 2016.

Guo Gan started learning erhu in early childhood from his father Guo Jun Ming, also a renowned grand Master of ErHu . In 2000, Guo Gan went to France to study and later obtained Master’s degree from the National Music School of Fresnes in Paris. Through Chinese traditional erhu art, Guo Gan has worked with many musicians and artists in different parts of the world and travelled to more than 80 countries. He has played in nearly 2000. Concerts and published more than 60 albums. He has performed at many famous concert halls of the world such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Hall, and many others. Guo Gan has played with many of the world’s most famous musician including Lang Lang, Yvan Cassar, Hans Zimmer and many others, he has performed with world’s top orchestras as well. Guo Gan has also been involved in different areas of music such as world music, classical music, jazz, ballet, opera, modern music, film music and, pop music. Television and radio stations have, for many times, conducted personal interviews with Guo Gan, referring to him as ‘the master of two strings’.

During the past 12 years in France, Guo Gan has been a missionary of Sino-French culture exchange. He has also played on behalf of the French Culture Ministry in Zhou Zhuang in China and at the French Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO. Guo Gan Jazz Band in 2015 Midem Cannes, and 2014 celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Besides his ardent pursuit of music, Guo Gan has been actively participating in charitable works around the world. In the past few years, he played at events organised by UNESCO, for instance, working with Tan Dun, the famous Chinese composer in 2012 in Hangzhou Grand/Theatre, promoting the theme of cherishing the word’s water resources. He has also worked with Lang Lang in Shenzhen at a themed performance to promote world peace. He has played for free for children in poverty in Africa, South American and remote regions in China. For more information regarding Guo Gan.

Schwardzwald Fesitval 2016, Guo Gan and Friends.

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7 Avril Le 13 Avril,  Guo Gan and Adrien Frasse Sombet en Duo  avec Didier Lockwood à Paris

18 Avril au Le 15 Mai 2017, Guo Gan Jazz Band in China , 7 city 15 concert

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