Ando Masateru, Miyagi Michio Legendary Japanese Koto School

Dr. Ando Masateru is a Koto Performer and Educator. Ando Masateru studied koto with Miyagi Michio, Miyagi Kiyoko. He received his Ph.D. from Tokyo University of the Arts. He was awarded 1st place in the All-Japan Children’s Koto Concours and the First Annual Miyagi Association Concours. Since 1972 he has presented 33 recitals. In 1990 he embarked on a series of concerts to perform all of the works of Miyagi Michio. To date, in 16 recitals, he has performed 212 of those works. In 1975, as a member of the Miyagi Koto Ensemble, he received Cultural Agency Arts Festival Top Prize. He has performed extensively throughout the Australia, Austria(including the Wiener Musikverein), Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Republic of Croatia, Repubblica Italiana, Republic of Korea, Republic of Slovenia, Russian Federation, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States(including the Carnegie Hall) and other countries. His other performing activities include television and radio performances.

In addition, he has taught at Tokyo University of the Arts, Gunma University Graduate School, Shizuoka University, Yamanashi University, Cambridge University Summer School (England), and Earlham College (USA). * He has been invited to present lectures for or has publications in the following associations: Acoustical Society of Japan, the International Acoustical Society, International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, International Music Educators Society,the Japan Music Educators Association, and the Japan Music Expressin Society.

He released many CDs; “MIYAGI Michio, as Performed ANDO Masateru”(He played all the pieces by himself with multiple recording),”MIYAGI Michio, as Performed ANDO Masateru Vol.2″(He played all solo pieces composed by MIYAGI Michio),”MIYAGI Michio, as Performed ANDO Masateru Vol.3″(The live recording of the memorial concert of retire from Tokyo University of the Arts),”MIYAGI Michio, as Performed ANDO Masateru Vol.4″(He played all 3 pieces added koto part to the original shamisen part-KOTO TESTUKE- by MIYAGI Michio), as Performed ANDO Masateru Vol.5″(He played 8 pieces for Spring), as Performed ANDO Masateru Vol.6″(He played 23 pieces for children),”ANDO Masateru Koto World 1, 2, 3″(He played famous traditional pieces),”HARU no UMI Karaoke”(with YAMAMOTO Hozan) etc. Ando is the author of “Koto-Sakura wo hikimashou(Let’s play Koto music-SAKURA-)”,”Ikuta-ryu no Soukyoku (Ikuta School Koto Music)”, “Sankyoku no Kihon to Shidou (The Basics and Instruction of Koto, Shamisen, Shakuhachi Ensemble Performance)”, etc.

He was Professor of Koto at Tokyo University of the Arts, and he is presently the leader of the KISOUKAI Koto Association and Koto Group KAGAYAKI. As a performer and scholar, Dr. Ando has combined within himself the traditional world of the Japanese Koto, as it was preserved and enhanced by MIYAGI Michio, and the modern trends in scientific thought and research.

His music is firmly set in the best of the traditional style while his educational approach, personality and efforts in cross-cultural music, for example playing Koto in ensemble with orchestra or other non-Japanese instruments, makes it easy for non-Japanese or those Japanese who are unfamiliar with their own culture to listen to and enjoy Koto music without reservation.

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Upcoming Concerts

Ando Masateru Recital, All Masterpieces of Miyagi Michio’s

7pm, April 25th 2017

Kioi Hall, Tokyo



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