Hiraku Suzuki’s New Book,”Drawing Tube vol.01 Archive”

Hiraku Suzuki is a young Japanese visual artist. Born in 1978 in Miyagi, Japan.

Associating the act of drawing with the process of “excavation”, he has continually expanded the sphere of drawing as the method of reflection and transformation of time and place, through his wide ranging practice including work on paper and panel, installation, mural, video, performance and sculpture.

Recent solo exhibitions have included those held at Daiwa Foundation (London, 2013); Wimbledon Space (London, 2011); Galerie du Jour (Paris, 2010). Group exhibitions include “NISSAN ART AWARD 2013″, BankART Studio NYK (Yokohama, 2013); “Son et Lumière, et sagesse profonde”,21st Century Museum of Contempwaikorary Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa, 2013), “One and Many”, Location One (New York, 2012), and “Roppongi Crossing”, Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, 2010). He is also known for his frequent collaborations with Comme Des Garçons. He has produced the catalogue “GENGA” published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha/Agnes b. (2010)

He is also well known for his specialized live drawing performance with various types of music and sound design.

Hiraku Suzuki Official Website: www.hirakusuzuki.com


Hiraku Suzuki’s New Book,

“Drawing Tube vol.01 Archive”


Release date: 14th July, 2017
Size: 272mm×406mm / package size: 310mm×220mm
Spec: 80 pages, limited 500 copies
Published by Drawing Tube
Printed by: Asahi Printeck Inc.
ISBN 978-4-9909559-0-8
Price: ¥2,700 (including tax)

<Collectors Edition>
Box/The movie archive of the performance (USB Flash Drive), Drawing by Hiraku Suzuki on the box, certificate included.
Edition: 10 (A.P.3)
Price: ¥108,000 (including tax)
director: Tenshi Iwai
editor: Alice Taylor
cameraman: Yusaku Takeuchi, Alice Taylor, Hayato Kano
sound recording: Hikari Mutaguchi, Yusuke Hatakeyama, Senmei Kai
special thanks: Takahashi Collection, Yamagata Biennale, Tohoku University Of Art And DesignTrailers > http://drawingtube.org/en/portfolio_page/drawingtube-01/
Buy here > Drawing Tube Books

Hiraku Suzuki Drawing Performance

Guest: Gozo Yoshimasu


– to draw, to write, to utter a voice, to make sound, and in between them –

Photograph: Ooki Jingu
Text: Kasetsu, Kento Takahashi and Hiraku Suzuki
Translation: Tadahiko Imada, Kenichi Eguchi
Editor: Yusuke Shono




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