2E & Co. Vietnamese Jewel Brand by Tuy Gentry Buckner


New York is always hot city in diverse events and people. There was an warm jewelry launching event in Manhattan last weekend Nov. 4-5th. The event was held at 193 Front Street in collaboration with DFBK (Defend Brooklyn) store in the South Street Seaport NYC for an exclusive viewing of some award winning pieces and meet with designer Tuy Buckner.  The jewel brand named ‘2E & Co. has founded by a Vietnamese male Jewel designer ‘Tuy Bentry Buckner’ over 30 years ago. He raised in USA but currently live in Vietnam, he has been doing his brand between Vietnam and USA.


Tuy Buckner, jewelry brand launching party in NYC
2E & Co. was launched after 30 years of creating custom designs for his clients with the goal to create a series of luxury jewelry lines to be available to masses. While maintaining the same quality and innovation we wanted people to be able to collect and pass down some beautiful time pieces to their children.

Mr. Buckner designed his jewelry especially inspired by nature. That is why there appears some of animal characters such as dragon, snakes and any others. Snake carving pattern seems particularly popular for customers. As he is a rare male jewelry designer, it is not difficult to feel strong power in his creation. Voluminously designed his rings are transferring the power to us.

Bold Ring designed by Tuy Buckner
Bold Ring designed by Tuy Buckner

The brand 2E & Co. materials are sourced in accordance with the highest standards of social, environmental and human rights practices. They purchase their diamonds and pearls from conflict-free regions, in compliance with all applicable United Nations resolutions.

The team of designers use variety of studio techniques, from high-tech 3-D printing and laser engraving to traditional jewelry-making methods, such as wax carving and metal forming by hand. Before we begin any process we always begin at the rawest level; the pen and paper.
Tuy Buckner, jewelry designer & CEO of 2E & Co.
Tuy Buckner, jewelry designer & CEO of 2E & Co.
 Designer and CEO of the 2E & Co., Tuy emphasis ‘honesty’ on his management philosophy. ‘I have been managing my brand without money, I am honest to my customer and I am always trying to listen to my customer’s needs. That is why I am here and my brand was able to stand being now. I am designing with cost my customer want started at just $5.’ and he added his main shop and marketing tool is his facebook page. ( https://www.facebook.com/2enco)


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