Thomas Piercy in “Tokyo to New York” Concert at Tenri Arts

One of pioneers of modern hichikiri music scene, Thomas Piercy has a concert at Tenri Arts in New York this Saturday. It is especially the, his program which is contributing to connect Japan with USA named ‘Tokyo to New York’.

On Saturday in New York, at the Tenri Institus, “Tokyo to New York” presents clarinetist/hichiriki player Thomas Piercy in a composers/performers concert at Tenri Arts on Saturday, November 18, 2017.  The November 18th “Tokyo to New York – Composer/Performers” concert features five world premiers and three United States premieres by Tokyo- and NYC-based composers. The premiers, composed specifically for Piercy, are by composers Chen Yihan, Bin Li, Paul Morin, Miho Sasaki, and Michael Schelle; the United States premiers are by composers Chatori Shimizu, Hifumi Shimoyama and Isaji Sunao.

The concerts include compositions that combine traditional Japanese instruments and Western classical instruments, including the premier of Bin Li’s chamber concerto for clarinet and gagaku ensemble (traditional Japanese instrument ensemble). Other pieces include works for varying combinations of clarinet, piano, cello, and traditional Japanese instruments hichiriki, ryuteki, sho, biwa, and koto.  Joining Mr. Piercy are composer/performers Chen Yihan, Bin Li, Paul Morin, Miho Sasaki, Michael Schelle, Chatori Shimizu, and performers Lish Lindsey, ryuteki; Hiroshi Ebina, hichiriki; Jun Ando, koto; and Lester St. Louis, cello.

“Tokyo to New York” celebrates the connections between Tokyo and New York City with a series of concerts in Tokyo and New York. This concert will feature works of Tokyo- and NYC-based composer/performers with clarinetist/hichiriki player Thomas Piercy performing each work with the composer. The concert features a wide variety of styles of music and composer/perfomers from all walks of life and experience: from university students to university professors; from self-taught composers to composers with Ph.Ds; from emerging composers to composers that have won prominent awards. Since 2012, “Tokyo to New York” has performed over 100 world premiers and numerous Japan and United States Premiers.

The New York Times selected “Tokyo to New York” concerts as a critics’ concert of the week; NYClassical Review wrote of a “Tokyo to New York” concert as a season highlight; and a review from Lucid Culture Magazine described a “Tokyo to New York” concert as “…a fascinatingly eclectic, virtuosic program of new chamber works.”

Tokyo to New York Composers/Performers at Tenri

Saturday |  November 18, 2017  |  7pm


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