Chinese Music Ensemble Echo Showcase in New York

ECHO showcases the modern sounds of traditional Chinese instruments paired with Western and electronic instruments, as arranged by New York composers. The performance includes arrangements of classic Chinese folk songs as well as original works featuring fusion and genre-crossovers.

The performance will be anchored by StringsW, a group formed of instrumentalists Lu Liu, Nan Zhang, and Wei Sun on pipa, erhu, and guzheng, respectively. They are joined in this presentation by four award-winning Sino-American composers: Dimeng Yuan, Dong Liu, XiRen Wang and Yi Liu.

StringsW is a Chinese instrumental trio based in New York City, and its mission is to weave Chinese traditional music and culture further into the greater fabric of world music. They have performed at venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and New York Fashion Week.


··Lu Liu, Pipa
··Nan Zhang, Erhu
··Wei Sun, Gu Zheng
Guest Artists:
Yi Liu, Dimeng Yuan, and XiRen Wang, Piano

Program Works by Yi Liu, Dimeng Yuan, XiRen Wang, and Dong Liu


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