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VLOGGER TeRra Season 1

TeRra VLOG coming soon, can’t wait!


About TeRra: TeRra Han is a South Korean kayageum virtuoso, singer, composer and dancer based in New York City. TeRra was a child prodigy and was performing by age 8. For over 30 years, TeRra has explored musical world and led Asian young artists on a path to self-discovery and helped them to imagine the possibilities. Beyond the time and space borders inspirational careers, TeRra—along with her friends and family—continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of musicians & artists that they can do anything.

TeRra is the first recipient of kayageum virtuoso of Blanchette Rockefeller Fund, Asian Cultural Council and the youngest Korean traditional musician who had a debut in the Carnegie Hall in New York. In 2016, she was admitted voting member as few Asian musicians of the Grammy Awards of The Recording Academy in United States. TeRra released more than 10 solo albums and has been performing all over the countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, the United States and France.

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