Benjamin Efrati, Multi-Talented French Young Artist

Benjamin Efrati is a French multimedia artist, philosopher, born in 1985 in Geneva, Switzerland. He is working film directing,  soundtrack composing and also working as a VJ-animator.

His work was exhibited and shown in many of art fairs Salon de Montrouge,  Salon Jeune Création, FIAC / Paris 2015, Galleria Continua since 2014 and so on in Paris and his work as a film director he produced Miracle stop-motion animations such as as Gugus Claclé (2013), and music videos Minore Desperado and Gargamel. His last film, The Bible of Xenoxenism, was shown as an interactive installation at contemporary art festival Nuit Blanche (Paris, 2017) this film is about Xenoxenism, a philosophical fiction dealing with evolution, neuroscience and venture capital. Lately, he composed the soundtrack of several animated films and series by Hungarian artists Balazs Turai and Zsuzsana Kreif.

Benjamin Efrati’s Music Work ‘Oligarchia’,  Animated web-series (animation Directed by Balazs Turai)

Currently touring in Lebanon with Miracle Collective (Wassim Halal, Diego Verastegui) as a VJ-animator, his work connects the world of philosophy, music and animation. On the contemporary art scene, his performance work is at the crossroads of conference, poetry and experimental theater. It is best expressed under the form of “video-performance”, such as the GNOZO project.


GNOZO post multimedia by Benjamin Efrati

His interest in Asian culture started at an early age, and shows in projects such as Cigoret (2010) and Of Cruelty in the game of Go (2012). In 2012, while he was a student at Paris Beaux-Arts school he won the Colin-Lefranc scholarship which enabled him to live in Japan and study at Tokyo University of The Arts and develop his research project about spontaneity and instinctive artwork creation.

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