Traveling Exhibition, Chinese Art Impression

Art Of The Mountain: Through The Chinese Photographer’s Lens

Organized by China Institute Gallery
Curated by Willow Weilan Hai, Jerome Silbergeld and Rong Jiang
A traveling exhibition available starting Fall 2018

Mountains, in Chinese legends, are the pillars that hold up the sky. Mountains were seen as places that nurture life. Their veneration took the form of rituals, retreat from social society, and aesthetic appreciation through art of their vast beauty– some of the many ways that nature played and continues to play a defining role in Chinese culture. Indeed, mountains can be seen as a backbone for Chinese cultural and artistic expression, having inspired forms and traditions across place and time.

This exhibition will use contemporary photographer to present the geography, history, culture, life, and art that is associated with or derived from mountains. Consisting of three sections: The Lofty Mountains: The Famous Mountains of China 高山仰止, uses work that introduces the geography, history and legends that are associated with famous Chinese mountains; The Pure Sound of Landscape: The Mountains and Chinese Landscape Aesthetic 山水清音, will introduce the renowned Chinese landscape painting aesthetic and how it influenced contemporary photography; and The New Landscape Photography 新山水摄影, will showcase photographers using photography and post-photographic visual effects to express their thoughts on the role of mountains in society today. In all sections, the photographs will be paired with statements in the artists’ own words about their work and what it reveals.

This exhibition will include over 80 photographs by more than 20 contemporary photographers, including Wang Wusheng 汪芜生, Hou Heliang 侯贺良, Lei Zhenliang 雷振梁Zhang Anlu 张安鲁, Lu Hao 卢浩, Yao Lu姚璐, Taca 塔可, Yan Zhangjiang 颜长江 and Xiao Xuan’an 肖萱安. The exhibition is accompanied by a full-color scholarly catalogue featuring essays written by the curators and other scholars.


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