Lotus Music and Dance, 3rd World Dance Festival in New York



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The 3rd Annual World Dance Festival: Dancing Across Cultural Borders will take place on Sunday, October 14th at 2pm at the Manhattan Movement Arts Center, 248 West 60th St. between 10th and 11th Ave.. The event is presented by Lotus Music & Dance with support from  the New York State Council on the Arts.


Featured on the program will be Bharata Natyam in the  style of T. Balasaraswati, the legendary South Indian dancer whose family of dancers and musicians carried on the legacy of the Tanjore courts that dates back some 250 years. .  In Indian dance, complex rhythmic patterns alternate with poetic text interpreted through the technique of storytelling (abhinaya) using hand gestures and facial expressions and sculpturesque poses. Senior students of Kamala Cesar,  who trained with Balasaraswati both here in the US and in India, will perform an unusual rhythmic choreography by T. Balasaraswati’s guru, Kandappa Pillai as well as select items from Balasaraswati’s  repertoire.

    Also featured will be the Lucknow gharana of Kathak from North India in the style of Pandit Birju Maharaj. Kathak has been uniquely enriched throughout its history by Persian influence as well as by the patronage of the Mughal kings. It is characterized by fast spinning movements, lightening quick pirouettes and elegant sudden poses. Senior students of Satyanarayan Charka, who has been training  dancers for over 40 years in New York, will perform repertoire representing this elegant, poetic and rhythmically stunning style.  


    Chinese Theater Works will present several items of Chinese Opera dances, including the Duel Opera Dance from the famous Kun Opera “Peony Pavilion”,  the Double Sword dance from “Farewell My Concubine”, the Ribbon Dance and more.   Chinese Theatre Works’ commitment to preserving and nurturing the Chinese performing arts– opera, puppetry, dance and  music– is reflected in their wide selection of programs based on classical stage repertoire. These programs feature some of the finest classically trained Chinese performing artists in the New York City area, in full stage make-up and costume.


     Sidiki Conde, a National Endowment for the Arts Heritage Fellow, who at the age of 14 lost the use of his legs but was determined to become a dancer, will bring Guinean dance, drumming and songs to the stage in an unforgettable, inspiring performance. Sidiki’s music derives from the traditional rhythms of Guinea. Harmony is created by a series of melodic rhythms that are played by each of the instruments (kora, balafon and traditional drums). He says “In keeping with the West African griot traditions of my homeland the lyrics are my own compositions within which I chronicle my life’s journey…. Music has always been about bringing together people and creating communities”.

More info: https://www.lotusmusicanddance.org/



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