Light & Beat: Art of Korean Drumming

Light & Beat: Art of Korean Drumming Performance at the Flushing Town Hall is co-presented by the Korean Cultural Center New York as part of KCCNY’s Open Stage 2018.

Celebrate Samulnori’s 40th anniversary as a new genre of percussion music originating in Korea and a representative repertory of Korean traditional music.

Light & Beat presents the highest level of traditional Korean art of drumming performed by Korean master drummers, Hyun Seunghun, Kim Sora, and Kim Ji Hye, and Haegeum (Korean fiddle) player Park Soo Ah.

About Kim So Ra (band leader)

TeRra-Magazine-korean-drum-koreanculturalcenter-kimsoraA multi-award winning Korean traditional percussionist, composer, and ambassador of Honam Province Jeongeup folk music, Kim So Ra is one of the most skilled and prominent Janggu (Korean double-headed drum) players in Korea. Kim is known for her genre-bending performances combining Korean traditional sounds with creative, charismatic and modern interpretations.

Kim is trained under the direct apprenticeship of human cultural asset Master Yu Jihwa. Kim has received eight 1st-place awards from major national music competitions since 2005, including National Nongak Master Competition, Gyeonggi Nongak National Competition, National Women’s Korean Traditional Music Festival, JeonJu International Sori Festival, just to name a few. These awards demonstrate her widespread recognition as one of the top Janggu players in Korea.

Kim is also a founding member of Korean traditional music group ‘Duo BUD’ and electronic music band ‘nuMori’ in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2018, Kim has been selected as the only Korean artist to perform at WOMEX 2018, the World Music Expo, and 2018 Mundial Montreal World Music Market.

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