Double Neck Violin Creator, L. Shenkar

There was unique concert at the Schimmel Center in Pace University Oct. 6th. featured on L. Shenkar who is a double neck violin creator, vocalist and composer. The concert was composed of 3 part. 1st part: raga & tanam abheri double violin and vocal improvisations, 2nd part. pallavi (composition by shankar) in 9 1/2 beats cycle tala joined by abhijit tabla and  the 3 part composed of 2 songs composed by Shankar, it was kriti (composer shankar) in savathri raga  joined by abhijit & chris garcia and the 2nd song folk melody (composer shankar) and ragamalika (garland of various ragas). The concert program represented Indian clasical music soul based creative contemporary music trending, performed by one of the most innovative leading indian musician L. Shankar vocal, double violin, Abhijit tabla, Chris Garcia Ghatam, and Kanjira.

The concert was a debut for Mr. L. Shenkar’s new double violin designed by himself and built by Jon Peterson. The original 1st double violin was designed by me and built by Ken Parker was debuted for world music institute in n.y in 1980 in town hall.

About the Artist, L. Shenkar


Shenkar is widely considered a pioneer of two neck violin and vocalist, composer and record producer who has sold over 75 million albums through his solo projects and collaborations with other artists throughout the world.

Shenkar was exposed to Carnatic music and other styles from an early age. He started studying with his father V.Lakshminarayana Iyer, vocal at the age of two, violin at five then mrdangam at seven. His father was an esteemed violinist, vocalist, his mother L. Seethalakshmi played the veena. At the age of seven, Shenkar gave his first public concert, at a Ceylonese temple, Nallur Kandaswarmy.

Shenkar created and designed his own invention, the 10 string stereophonic Double Violin, built by Ken Parker. The Double Violin covers the entire range of the orchestra. He formed the groundbreaking band Shakti with the British guitarist John Mclaughlin, Zakir Hussain and Vikku Vinayakram and toured the world. He also performed extensively his Indian classical tours with Zakir Hussain and Vinayakram. He recorded 8 world music albums for the reputed German label ECM and toured extensively featuring the renowned Sax Player Jan Garbarek, Kenny Wheeler, Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Trilok Gurtu in many Jazz and world music festivals organised by his German based recording label ECM featuring other ECM artists such as Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette etc.

After concert at the lobby, Schimmel Center Oct. 6th, 2018 New York City.


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