Preview Open: TeRra Art Portal Search Engine

Preview Open, November 30th

Heritable Cultural Assets Experience Guide

Optimized to Art and Cultural Contents and Booking Ticket Service

Covering All Art Form and Genres without any Geographic Barriers


Mountain View, CA Nov. 14th. TeRra Han, well known for a prodigy and musical genius of South Korea launches art portal search website TeRra ( ), the preview service will open on November 30th. Ms. Han has been developing music softwares and building online website of art and cultures. Ms. Han is also organizing and publishing TeRra Magazine (  since 2016, and this portal site TeRra bootstrapped by herself, in addition, she own her fashion collection (www.terrahancollection) and music recording label Poly Music Co. headquatered in Japan.

TeRra is a search engine platform optimized to art and cultural contents and products and enable users to search the events and book the tickets of concert, exhibition and any other cultural events. TeRra guides how to experience heritable art and cultural treasures, but also  contemporary cutting edged fine arts. Users can get knowledge and informations of the arts institutes, individual artist information and related arts products and leave reviews. The global online platform covers all arts forms and genres such as music, arts, literatures, philosophy, et.c and cultures crossing over without any geographic barriers.

TeRra Han, Gayageum, TeRra Magazine Music

TeRra Han started her musical training at the age of 4 both in Western classical music and the Eastern traditional performing arts under the prominent intangible cultural human heritages of East Asia such as Korea, Japan, China, India, she was well known for music prodigy mastered all her instrument gayageum repertoires in her early ages and was the first gayageum player to be named as the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council’s Blanchette Rockefeller Fund, New York.

Ms. Han has been researching sound acoustics, instrument surveys and analysis with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Acoustics  in order to find the cross point between art and science, as well as, she is preparing for her own newly invented instrument ‘TeRra(Qin)’. For over the 30 years, she has soley explored music and scientific world and led the young artists on a path to self-discovery and helped them to expand the possibilities collaborating with the various artists.

Ms. has been performing all over the countries and released more than 10 solo albums including Korean royalty’s court music and the Japanese and Chinese ancient masterpieces that nobody had challenged ever. In 2016, she was admitted voting member of the Grammy Awards of the Recording Academy.

Ms. Han mastered several computer programing languages, such as C, C++, as well as, speaks in 6 languages, currently, she is staying in New York City and Silicon Valley area.



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