Alan Yip, Chinese Traditional Music Course at UC Davis

Alan Yip, Guqin and Erhu player offers Chinese traditional music classes at UC Davis, he shares his knowledge of two traditional Chinese instruments Guqin and Erhu with a long history and deep connections to Chinese philosophy. Mr. Yip graduated a UC Davis for his master’s degree in horticulture and agronomy.

UC Davis’s Confucius Institute seeks to help students, community members develop foundation in two traditional Chinese instruments, the Institute offer UC Davis students and members of the community an opportunity to learn traditional Chinese music, taught by a former UC Davis student, Mr. Yip.

Yip has been working alongside the director of the Confucius Institute, Michelle Yeh, to promote understanding of Chinese culture. In collaboration with the Music Department, the Confucius Institute seeks to help potential students develop a foundation for the techniques of the guquin and the erhu in an eight-week program.

Yip began studying Chinese music in middle school and eventually took a quarter off during his time as an undergraduate at UC Davis to study in Shanghai and Beijing from guquin masters. Yip’s grandmasters included a handful of people who essentially saved the guquin from the cultural purge during China’s Communist Revolution, where the communist government attempted to outlaw many parts of classical Chinese culture.

While the class will primarily be focused on learning how to play the guquin and the erhu, Yip intends on organizing the class to allow students to embark on “a musical journey.”

*Photo, from Alan Yip’s Facebook.

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