Asia Society New York Presents Korean Spiritual Music Performance And Jazz Collaborations

Asia Society, New York present two shows this week of Korean folk and traditional genres. One is the ‘Seoul Music: Korean Sanjo Meets New York Jazz features some of the most renowned Korean performers together with outstanding Grammy award-winning jazz artists: Lee Tae-Baek (ajaeng); Yi Jiyoung (gayageum); Kim Sung-Ah (haegeum); Gamin (piri); Sita Chay (violin); Frank London (trumpet) and Ned Rothenberg (saxophone).

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The other one is ‘Ssitkimkut’ is the extraordinary Korean ritual for the dead that cleanses the dead spirit, assisting it on its way to the next life. The ritual is layered with singing, dancing, instrumental and theatrical performance, creating a strikingly unique art form. The experience of Ssitkimkut offers an uplifting spiritual transformation that comforts the living when the deceased soul is liberated on its journey in the afterlife. The ritual is full of poignant moments that express sadness and joy, as well as humor that is part of the human condition.

Ssitkimkut: The Korean Shaman Ritual of the Dead

MAY18  7pm-8:45 pm

Seoul Music: Korean Sanjo Meets New York Jazz

May 19 7pm-8:45 pm


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