Beautiful duo, The Beta Sun-Ben Chasteen

Beta Sun and Ben Chasteen both grew up in Ohio and he moved to California and I moved to NY. In 2012, we decided to pick up where we left off back in mid 2000’s and start an acoustic band.

“Purposeful is Beautiful”

My best friend and band-mate, Chris Holehouse just passed away of cancer this December. He found out a year and a half ago, right after we finished our EP, and was never able to finish our mission with music. I just now would like to share the music he created with the world. As for what is next for me, I am not sure. Wherever the path takes me next is where I will be.

Chris always said, “Purposeful is Beautiful.”

He always described our music as “We make homegrown, acoustic songs with a lot of heart that know how to rock.”

And the story that brought us together is legendary. Read it here: thebetasun/?page_id=20

“If the sages say I should change my heart, then I guess I better play my part.” -From Particle (By Chris Holehouse)

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