Contemporary Fusion of Shamisen, Piano and Voice

In California, there is a rare concert of contemporary fusion concert of Japanese representative traditional instrument and piano. Concert including Japanese folk song Minyo and Enjoy an evening filled with traditional min’yo (Japanese folk songs) and contemporary fusion on Tsugaru Shamisen which refers to both the Japanese genre of shamisen music originating from Tsugaru Peninsula in present-day Aomori prefecture and the instrument it is performed with), Piano (Keyboard) and Voice.

Featured Artists 

Yuzu Natsumi (Shamisen, Keyboard, Vocal)

Yuzu is a Japanese singer/songwriter who comes from a small town in Japan. The style she sings is named ‘Urban Folk’ as it combines both urban and traditional elements, from the types of instruments played to the subject matter of her songs. Yuzu performs in Japan as well as New York.

Mike Penny (Tsugaru Shamisen)

One of the best Tsugaru Shamisen players in the US, Mike Penny has received numerous awards for his innovative compositions and performances. He has given hundreds of public performances and has become well known through his many viral video performances on YouTube.

Kyle Abbott (Tsugaru Shamisen, Vocal)

Kyle has dedicated over a decade to playing and building shamisen, and has published a book to teach anyone how to build and play their own. Kyle has both led instructional camps in Japan and competed in Japan’s National Tsugaru Shamisen tournaments. He also leads regular group lessons in San Jose Japantown.

Concert Info

Date & Time:
May 13th, 2018
Doors Open: 4:30pm 
Showtime: 5pm to 6:30pm

Art Object Gallery
592 N 5th St, San Jose, CA 95112

Suggested Donation: $15

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