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2018 Nobel Prize Winner (Due)

  • Immunologist
  • Nobel Prize Winner 2018

13th Issue

TeRra Magazine, MIT Violin, Makris, TeRra Han

Scientist, Makris Nicholas

  • Physicist, Acoustician
  • Professor of (MIT) Messachusetts Institute of Technology
  • NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Achievement Award
  • Director of the Center for Ocean Engineering

12th Issue


NEA National Heritage, Sideki Conde

  • African American Musician
  • Fellow of National Heritage Nea
  • Founder of Tokounou All-Abilities Dance and Music Ensemble 

11th Issue


Thomas Buckner, Music Humanist

  • American Baritone, Vocalist, Improviser
  • Music Humanist
  • Grandson of IBM founder, Thomas J. Watson, Sr
  • President Richard Nixon, 500 left-leaning Americans on “Enemies list.”

10th Issue Issue.


C++ Computer Genius, Bjarne Stroustrup

  • Morgan Stanely Tech Executive Director
  • AT&T Bell Labs
  • Winner of The Computer Pioneer Award
  • Winner of DRAPER Prize
  • Professor at Columbia University

9th Issue 2018


King of Music In The World, Robert Browning

  • British Music Curator
  • Founder of World Music Institute, New York City
  • Founder of Robert Browning Associates, New York City
  • Presenter of Carnegie Hall, New York
  • Panel of National Endowment for the Arts
  • Panel of New York State Council on the Arts

8th Issue 2018 Aug., Read Story


Polish American Violin Artisan, Roman Barnas

  • Professor of North Bennett School
  • Gaspar da Salo viola for the late Nathan Gordon
  • Former Concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • Certificate of Violin Society of America violin-making competition.

7th Issue 2018 July. , Read Story


French Fashion Innovator, Adeline Andre

  • Head of  Haute Couture Designer, Paris
  • Christian Dior (1970 -1981)
  • Adeline Andre (1981-)

6th Issue 2018 June. , Read Story


6 Heroes of TeRra™ Asia

TeRra™ Gold, Special Edition. May 2018, Preview


Chaesuk Lee, Korean kayageum Master

  • Member of National Academy of the Arts, Republic of Korea
  • Emeritus professor, Seoul National University
  • Eminent professor, Hanyang University
  • President, Asian Zithers Association

8th Issue, 2020 July

Zhou Wang, Guzheng, TeRra Magazine, TeRra Han

Zhou Wang, Chinese Guzheng Master

  • Chinese Guzheng Master
  • Professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing

5th Issue 2018 May. , Read Story


National Intangible Heritage No. 1083, China, Xingsan Jin

  • National Intangible Heritage No. 1083, China
  • Yanbian Jiaye-Qin Master
  • Chinese Guzheng Master
  • Emeritus Professor of Yanbian University

4th Issue 2018 Mar-Apr. , Read Story

Asian Music, Isang Yun, Unsuk Chin, TeRra Magazine, TeRra Han-sukhi-kang-genius

The Composer Awakened Asia with New Music, Suki Kang

  • Member of The National Academy of Arts, Republic of Korea
  • Former Vice Chairman of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music)
  • Emeritus Professor of Seoul National University

3rd Issue 2018 Jan.-Feb. , Read Story

TeRra TV, TeRra Han, TeRra Magazine, TeRraCast, TeRraLiveTeRra TV, Ando Masateru, Tokyo University Of The Arts, Japanese Music, Koto, Shamisen, TeRra Han,

The Sound Feels in Mind, Ando Masateru

  • Japanese Koto Master
  • Former Professor of Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
  • Member of Miyagi Michio Association

2nd Issue 2017 Dec. , Read Story

Korean Musical Genius, New York, Indian Music, TeRra Magazine, Asian Map, Korean American, American Korean, American Asian, Kayageum, Gayageum, Korean Celebrity, Kamala Cesar, Lotus Music And Dance, New York Magazine

Shiva of New York, Kamala Cesar

  • American Indian Dancer
  • Artistic Director of Lotus Music & Dance, New York

Ist Issue, Nov. 2017., Read Story


TeRra Han, Korean Kayageum Virtuoso

Preliminary Issue, 2017., Read Story

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