The Beautiful Stories with TeRra

Bill Gates

  • Founder, Microsoft
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Nobel Prize Winner (Due)

  • Immunologist
  • Nobel Prize Winner

nicholas-makrisScientist, Makris Nicholas

  • Physicist, Acoustician
  • Professor of (MIT) Messachusetts Institute of Technology
  • NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Achievement Award
  • Director of the Center for Ocean Engineering

NEA National Heritage, Sideki Conde

  • African American Musician
  • Fellow of National Heritage Nea
  • Founder of Tokounou All-Abilities Dance and Music Ensemble

Thomas Buckner, Music Humanist

  • American Baritone, Vocalist, Improviser
  • Music Humanist
  • Grandson of IBM founder, Thomas J. Watson, Sr
  • President Richard Nixon, 500 left-leaning Americans on “Enemies list.”


C++ Computer Genius, Bjarne Stroustrup

  • Morgan Stanely Tech Executive Director
  • AT&T Bell Labs
  • Winner of The Computer Pioneer Award
  • Winner of DRAPER Prize
  • Professor at Columbia University

Neil Portnow, Music executive

  • CEO/President at The Recording Academy, Grammy Awards


Roman Barnas


Adeline Andre, Fashion designer

  • Top 10 Haute-couture designer in Paris >Read

Special Edition


Chaesuk Lee, Korean kayageum master

  • Emeritus professor at Seoul National University
  • Member of National Academy for Arts in South Korea

Xingsan Jin, kayageum master

  • National Cultural Heritage of Republic of China
  • Emeritus professor at Yanbian University

Sukhi Kang, Composer 

  • Emeritus professor at Seoul National University
  • Member of National Academy for Arts in South Korea >Read

Zhou Wang, Chinese Guzheng Master

  • Professor at Central Conservatory of Music

Ando Masateru, Japanese koto master

  • Emeritus professor at Tokyo University of the Arts

Kamala Ceasar, American -Indian Dancer

  • Founder and artistic director at Lotus music and dance >Read

Terra Han, kayageum virtuoso

  • Founder and publisher, TeRra Magazine >Read

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