Dialogue, Experimental Music Duo


Dialogue is an experimental duo in exploring soundscape through improvisation, by Seungmin Cha and JunYi Chow. The concert discovers and explores the interaction between two person, where audience will hear instruments like Daegum, Ruan, Melodion, and others during the performance

Seungmin Cha 

Daegeum player, Composer

Seungmin Cha is a Korean Daegeum (Korean transverse bamboo flute)player Emerging as one of the most influential experimental Daegeum artists, Seungmin Cha was trained in traditional music and its discourse. A graduate of the School of Music at Seoul National University, Ms. Cha has developed her career as a solo Daegeum artist, the director of her music ensemble Shiro as well as composer. She is performing both solo and in bands as part of the underground music scene of Seoul’s Hongdae neighborhood. Her performances incorporate traditional (jeongga and minyo), underground, experimental elements. You can see the evolution of Gugak (Korean traditional music) through her as a traditional music performer, who is at the same time, a contemporary composer and independent musician in the underground scene. She received a prestigious Asian Cultural Council fellowship in 2016.


JunYi Chow

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist

Malaysia-born New York-based Composer, Multi-instrumentalist and Improviser. Chow’s music has been lauded by Financial Times for its “skilful contrasts in both volume and texture”. His interest in music explores the indefinite possibilities of tone colour and sound, in merging music of East and West. March 2017, he received the Grand Prize of Best Orchestra Work by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra International Composition Competition. His current project is “Stillness in Queens”, a collaborative cross-disciplinary work with video artist Karen Y. Chan and is partly funded by Queens Council On The Arts. He is currently the Composer-In-Residence of Teng Company (Singapore) and Vivo Experimental Orchestra (Malaysia). Graduated from Indiana University in USA and Central Conservatory of Music in China





Upcoming Concert



Video artist Karen Y. Chan (

Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY.

NEW YORK, NY – On Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 8pm

Ticket:   $16 for general public, $10 for FTH members and students, Free for teens (13-19 yr)

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