Eren Coskuner’s New Album, Respective

American producer and composer Eren Coşkuner released new his album ‘Respective’. The album was released on May 5th and the album is about all his compositions and arrangements. The new album released by Apple Music label is on Apple iTunes on May 18th on all digital platforms.

Eren coşkuner’s second album “Respective” takes its place on the shelves with its music labels in digital media and CD format. This album, which belongs to all compositions and arrangements of Eren Coşkuner with the understanding of various styles in a single line in fusion style, contains 9 tracks. In this album, recorded live in Los Angeles, USA, Eren Coşkuner is accompanied by Dennis Hamm, guitarist Mike Miller, guitarist Dan Lutz and chaun dupre Horton, as guest artist, and saxophonist Katisse Buchkingham.

Album information:

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Eren Coşkuner




Eren Coşkuner (Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Fx)

Dennis Hamm (E.Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer)

Mike Miller (Guitar)

Dan Lutz (Bass)

Chaun Dupre Horton (Drums)

Special Guest;

Katisse Buckingham (Saxophone)


Eren Coşkuner: Respective

More Info:



erencoskuner, terra magazine, respective

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