Flying Together In The Sky, Korean Air


Korean Air Lines, or Korean Air, is the first airline and flag carrier of South Korea. It is the biggest fleet size, with international destinations and international flights. Notable in Korean industrial history, the airline was founded in 1946 as Korean National Airlines and fully privatized in 1969. Their headquarters are located in Seoul, South Korea.




Korean Air’s international passenger division and related subsidiary cargo division together serve 127 cities in 44 countries, while its domestic division serves 12 destinations. It is among the top 20 airlines in the world in terms of passengers carried and is also the top-ranked international cargo airline. Incheon International Airport serves as Korean Air’s international hub. Korean Air also maintains a satellite headquarters campus at Incheon. The majority of Korean Air’s pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants are based in Seoul.

Flying Together In The Sky, Korean Air

In addition to the airline service, Korean Air would held pretty often ‘open house’ programs to the passangers such as ‘ Curiosity resolution, good experience also as a job experience for kids.’ Korean Air runs an excursion program for elementary school students. It include open the control center and the hangar, which are hidden in the airport, and experience the work of the crew at the room training center. Experiences such as wearing crew clothes, emergency escape drills, and opening and closing the airplane doors are getting a good response from children.

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