French Embassy US Hosts Festival Albertine: Beyond States and Borders

The Francy Embassy US hosts “Festival Albertine: Beyond States and Borders”

As millions of refugees face increasing scrutiny and are turned away at borders across the world, The France Embassy US will ask basic questions about borders: What are they for? By what right are they created? And how do we live now? With Sophia Azeb, Fabienne Brugère, Gauz, Aleksandar Hemon, and Guillaume le Blanc. Moderated by Stephanie DeGooyer.

This event is part of Festival Albertine, an annual, five-day event hosted by Albertine Books in French and English, the bookshop and cultural center operated by the Cultural Services | French Embassy in the US. Inaugurated in 2014, Festival Albertine has become a vital summit for discourse between leading French-speaking and American thinkers. Previous curators include Ta-Nehisi Coates, Gloria Steinem and others.

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Festival Albertine 2018 is curated by Masha Gessen.
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