Gamin, Pioneer of Korean Wind Instruments Beyond Borders

Gamin, one of most noted wind instrumentalist of South Korea.

gamin is a distinguished soloist who tours the world performing both traditional korean music as well as cross-disciplinary collaborations. Her main instrument is the piri, a double reed instrument similar to the oboe. She also plays the taepyeonso (a double-reed horn) and saenghwang (a type of mouth organ). What sets her apart from others is her interest in contemporary music and contemporary improvisation; in Korea, she is an innovative pioneer.

gamin is constantly moving forward and pushing the limit to “invent” new sonorities from a rather limited and ancient. gamin recently appeared in Cross-Cultural Improvisation, Workshops & Performances in New York City, such as ISIM (International Society of Improvised Music)2013-2014, Vision Festival 2014, Silkroad’s Global Musician Workshop 2016. Gamin also has been selected as Artist-in-Residence sponsored by Korean government in 2011, 2012, as well as the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) of Rockefeller Foundation in 2014, Asian Arts Initiative in 2016 and scheduled to be appeared in Flushing Town Hall, Korean Cultural Center NY & LA, Roullette theatre, Korea Society in NY etc. Experiment, passion, surprise, elegance and subtlety—are some of the words describing the music of gamin. Most importantly, she understands what “tradition” really means and how to communicate with the contemporary audience to connect the old and the new.

She is Yisuja (Senior completer), official holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 46 for Classical Court Music. In addition to her artistic endeavor, she dedicates herself to academic studies. She got a DMA in Korean traditional music at Seoul National University.

gamin official

-Upcoming Concert-


Talk Concert “Heaven, Winds, Stars and Poem”

 April 14, 8pm
National Gugak Center (Umyeon-Dang), Seoul, South Korea​
performance: gamin, Arz string quartet / composer: Koji Nakano, Theodore Wiprud, Sun Kim


-Lecture Event with Koji Nakano, Composer-

April 11 & 12th. 2017

Pai Chai University in South Korea

Free admission

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