Isn’t it so beautiful to make something perfect, The Ramen Girl

An American woman is stranded in Tokyo after breaking up with her boyfriend. Searching for direction in life, she trains to be a râmen chef under a tyrannical Japanese master. The Ramen Girl is displaying well about Japanese culture and traditions in the food, Ramen which might be overlooked casual food. Brittany Murphy about a girl who goes to Japan and decides to learn how to cook ramen. Through the hard discipline, Abby learned also her life and love in the path seeking perfection of cooking which she quoted, ‘Isn’t it so beautiful to make something perfect..?’

Isn’t it so beautiful to make something perfect..?

The Ramen Girl is a 2008 romantic comedy-drama film starring Murphy also co-produced.

Abby (Brittany Murphy) is an American girl who goes to Tokyo to be with her boyfriend, Ethan (Gabriel Mann). Abby was dumped by Ethan, goes to a closed ramen shop afterward, and she starts to cry, so the chef conveys to her to sit down. He brings her a bowl of ramen, and she loves it. Abby does not understand them as she does not speak Japanese.

A small distance away, she realizes she wants to cook ramen. Rushing back into the store, she begs him to teach her how to cook ramen. Finally after she is given work as a waitress only cleaning works, she wins the hearts of all who come in, including two older women who are regular customers, and a 30-ish male laborer regular who develops a crush on her.

Abby and Toshi fall in love. Toshi Iwamoto (Sohee Park) is Korean Japanese, they understand each other the hard life in foreign countries. Toshi has to go to Shanghai, China for three years. He asks Abby to come with him, but she declines, saying she can’t. They share their last kiss.

Abby has strayed from the safety of conventional ramen she calls “Goddess Ramen”. The Master says Abby’s noodles are good, but he cannot give her his blessing, saying that she needs more time and restraint. Maezumi is sad to have to stop his business, but talks to Abby. He tells her about his son wanting to learn French cooking, but she does not understand. He tells her that the ramen shop needs a successor, and that she is the successor of his ramen shop. She leaves for America soon, but before that, Maezumi gives her the lantern that had hung outside his ramen shop for 45 years, and she takes it to America with her, where it is shown a year later outside her shop in New York City, appropriately named The Ramen Girl. The shop hangs a photo of Maezumi and his wife with their son happily in Paris.

Then quit his job and go back to what he loved – writing music. She welcomes him to her ramen shop and they kiss.

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