Kim So Hee, Eternal Universe of Human Voice

Kim So-hee (김소희, 1917 – 1995) was one of the greatest South Korean Pansori Singer. She was designated officially as a human cultural asset in the heritage preservation programme for the folk opera genre pansoriwhich is fifth on the list of Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea. Her real name was Kim Sun-ok (김순옥). She specialized in Chunhyangga. She used Manjeong (만정, 晩汀) as a pseudonym, given by a physiognomist; it means to become a master of gugak.


Kim Sun-ok was born in Gochang, in North JeollaShe had two siblings, Kim Sang-ho and Kim Jung-suk and attended Heungduk Elementary School. She graduated at the age of 12 and went to Jeonnam Public School, while living at her sister’s house in Gwangju. She started to practice pansori after listening to Simcheongga in second grade. Her sister’s husband introduced her to Song Man-gabwho was a master singer of pansori. Song’s pupils typically paid five won, he charged Kim only one won. At the age of 14 she competed at Chunhyangje, a local festival in Namwon province, where she won first prize. After winning, pansori master Lee Hwajeongseon heard her and took her to Namwon to perform together. Kim then quit school and started to concentrate on pansori and Korean danc


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