Language Intersection of Art in Korean Cultures

There is unique shows hosted in Korean cultural center in New York. It is one of the periodical open stage series. Please enjoy the arts and cultural cross over in the center!

Found in Design: The Aesthetics of Typography and Language

Gallery Korea at the KCCNY (460 Park Ave. 6th Floor, NYC)

With featured artists Huimin Lee and Benoit Ollive (a.k.a. Graphic Fury) of the Found in Translation typography exhibition, join us for a casual and intimate discussion on what it’s like to work in the field of design and typography, especially how “language” and its narrative connects artist and the viewer. How does culture and language fit into the artistic process? How do letters and words “translate” into something visual?

For more information about the program and the exhibition, please visit our website here.

Admission is free (no RSVP needed), light refreshments served.

About the Artists

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Korean_Cultural_Center_Terra Magazine


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