Major Portal Sites in Asia, Google is Not for Them

Do you need more live information of Asia? Do you want to know real Asian people’s life and culture? Then you had better visit their real main portal site. Please do not worries about language differences. These days Google Chrome’s translation service  is going very well on each languages. Here are major portal sites of Korea, Japan and China. They don’t use Google. They use their own

1)China’s Baidu


Baidu is the biggest portal site of China, Baidu  has the 2nd largest search engine in the world and almost Chinese 80%  people use this site.

China’s portal, Baidu Main Page (image capture)


2) Japan: Yahoo


Japanese people use yahoo. One of these site’s great thing is the searching tool for subway and train. Japan has wonderful subway system in long history, the searching tool is the essential item for all generation’s Japanese people.

Japan’s major portal site, Yahoo Main Page (image capture)


3) Korea’s Naver


70% or more Korean people use Naver.  Surprisingly the Naver was the world’s first operator to introduce the comprehensive search feature, which compiles search results from various categories and presents them in a single page. One of the most featured advantageous tool is the Q&A platform Knwoledge iN. If you have any questions, just ask Naver. That is Naver’s one of main campaign message.

Korea’s portal, Naver Main Page (image capture)


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