Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, Japanese Traditional Crafts Shop Dreaming A Global Fancy Brand

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten (中川政七商店) in Omotesando, Tokyo.

There is a Japanese traditional crafts shop dreaming a global fancy brand as like European Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Fendy at any others. It is a Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten (中川政七商店) located in Tokyo, including 50 branch stores in all over the Japan. The CEO, Masashichi Nakagawa (中川 政七) has been trying to revitalize Japanese crafts branding them modern and efficient style as named ‘Nakagawa Masashichi’ by itself his own name. 

The history of the Nakagawa Masashichi brand has to be back to the 17th Century’s. It was born in Nara sarashi, specially assigned as “goyo-hin” (supplies delivered to the government with permit) by Tokugawa Bakufu (government). In 1810, it started dealing with Echigoya Gofuku-ten, currently, well known retail corporate ‘Mitsukoshi Co.’ and in 20’s, it had exhibitions in Expositions Universelle de Paris, identified as Nara’s intangible cultural heritage, founded limited partnership company Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten in 1935. Since then, the shoten expanded more stores centered in Tokyo to all over the Japan. In 2016, Nakagawa Masashichi became the 300 years anniversary, now it deals brand planning, manufacturing, wholesale and retailing of household goods.

The CEO, the 13th owner, Nakagawa

The CEO, the 13th owner, Nakagawa believes the power of amazing “Craft Giant Country Nippon”.  Mr. Nakagawa who established a SPA (Manufacturer Retail) model of crafts and revived many craft makers with specialized consulting in the industry. Now, the most notable young managers have come up next is a big idea of ​​making 300 Japan’s production areas cheerful and making Japan a craftworking power.

Mr. Nakagawa says, “Traditional industries will be revived if it is possible to manage business and brands for which it is commonplace,” Mr. Nakagawa said, “I will cheer up Japanese crafts! ” It reveals the core of the grand design that could not be written.

Mr. Nakagawa also mentioned that even those who are not interested in fashion do not know the names of French Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Italian Fendi and Prada. Despite hundreds of millions of yen, there are also bags waiting several years without production catching up. The bag says it has a function of putting bags and carrying objects, but there are people who recognize that it can sell at many times the price of a firmly made leather bag made in Japan that it is worth it It is that. Rather than competing for specs and prices, it is chosen by the intrinsic value of the goods and services, and we ask them to pay the appropriate amount. He is enough confident that his own brand is one example of them and it also became advanced more widely to the world global brand.


Japanese doll collections made by the Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten (中川政七商店)



Store Access:

Meiji Shingung Mae 5-43-7, 1F,

Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, 150-0001


Official Website

International shop by Rakuten  :


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