Nate’s Funky Challenge of Erhu

Nate Miller, American-born Erhu player and guitarist.

Nate Miller is an American-born Erhu player, also guitarist in Fish Leg. Nate loves music and love erhu, Nate self-taught nerdy erhu player that likes to improvise and learn things by ear.


Recent Album ‘Tæther’

Over a year ago, he wrote some erhu for a buddies project, Jon Sears & the Nobodies, that is for relaxing vibe music and he has been keep continuing to release new albums and new music upload on the Youtube. One of the most representative album would be recently released ‘Tæther’, that is heavily conceptually themed album features over an hour of mind boggling, progressive/technical death metal that collects numerous influences throughout it’s journey yet resurfaces and condenses into a sound that is entirely unique, providing a completely new and diverse slot for itself. There’s also three songs he is featured on by himself.

The music of his almost can be purchased on the band camp. Please notice this creative artist and enjoy his video here!




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