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Natural Naturality, Violin Artisan Roman Barnas

Violin, possibly it could be said one of the most perfect musical instruments in the western classical music realm in the ways of the abundant sounds and volume, dynamic within the physical body shape and size and as like woman’s body. Moreover, the abundundant sounds expression is truly beautiful, as well as, could be identified itself as an idealistic instruments.

Personally, as I am an also musical instrumentalist from the Eastern, violin is one of my very favorite instruments, especially, the bowing instrument’s flowing sound always attracts my five senses, couldn’t divide my attention to others when I come to the violin musics all the time.

One of the most prominent violin craft artisans in the world

Roman Barnas is considered one of the most prominent violin craft artisans in the world currently. He has been creating new instruments of this modern era’s, also repairing old instruments of many of acclaimed violinists of all over the countries, as well as, he has been transmitting the craft secrets to students in the North Benet Street School located in Boston, USA.

Not only those duties as one of the top violin makers, he has interest of various musical instruments as like Asian string instruments, zithers, such as Chinese guzheng, Korean kayageum and Japanese koto. He loves the music and he loves the instruments.

His musical craft-ship nature comes from his love of nature – literally definition of nature:Nature, in the broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. “Nature” can refer to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. And as expected, his nature of music comes from his family gene. He loves woods, and he knows how to treat the natural materials his own nature.

Today, me, TeRra introduce the philosophy of his craftsmanship and where comes the talent, the spirit and how the spirit was inspired.

Violin Artisan’s way

Mr. Barnas started playing accordion and later he learned how to play other instruments including bass, violin and a trumpet. His family, father, grandfather, grand-grandfather was the family of wood working, also. As a majoring in music student and with the hand craftship talent, it was natural choice to step the way of wood instrument making artisan’s way. He studied violin craftsmanship under Mr. Lacek, in Polland.

Talking about Violin Sounds

Cremonese period was the gold age for Violin. In that era, violin music and making skills development leaped a lot. At that time, European music scene was fully changed and greatly evolved.

And he says violin sounds, materials, execution ability, design, and more others are impacted on.

For example, Guarnieri violin sizes can vary slightly with the lengths and widths compare to the violins made by Stradivarius.  Usually Stradivarius creates rich sounds, but Guarnieri can be more powerful and dark.

Definition of Great violin and the Spirit of Craftsmanship

What is most important thing to be considered best instrument, violin? He answered without any hesitance, “great sound and comfortable to play” and the questions of what is the most important step especially when he creates new instrument,  he answered that:

“Usually it takes 2 months after order by players to make new instrument. Each step is all important. Combination of each step is important. Each step needs different focus and concentration. In each step, it needs detailed skills, and combination all of them is difficult and intensively needed concentration in the final step.”

Finally, he firmly answered great instrument has to be comfortable to play of players. Instrument as itself physically important but comfortable and to make players feel natural in the instrument is needed as the top priority for the players. Beautiful sounds is natural sounds as if nature create it.  Those are what he keeps on his mind when he treat or make new instruments, as well as what he thinks what is spirit existed of the craftsmanship of violin or Western musical instrument.

*Interest in Other Instruments

Mr. Barnas loves other instruments, piano, trumpet, as well as, Eastern instruments, such as Korean kayageum, Japanese Koto et.c., sometimes he helped to repair the instrument broken when somebody bring their instrument sometimes. And he said, feeling is different of the instruments but he feels comfortable with those instruments although it is different from what he mainly dealing with, as a violin maker. He likes the calm sounds.

Well, truly, music is the universal language…! – TeRra Han

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