Ned Rothenberg’s Shakuhachi Summit at the New School

International multi wind instrumentalist and composer Ned Rothenberg has a shakuhachi summit. The show will being continue for two days, Sep.22-23 along together with his colleagues, shakuhachi giants Riley Lee, Ralph Samuelson. In September 23, guitar and daxophone player Kazuhisa Uchihashi, piano and accordion by Shoko Nagai and percussionist Satoshi Takeishi will be join in the stage.

Ned Rothenberg is an American multi-instrumentalist and composer. He specializes in woodwind instruments, including the alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, and shakuhachi. He is particularly known for his work in new music and free improvisation, as well as for his work in expanding the vocabulary of sounds of his instruments through the use of extended techniques (for example, he has developed the ability to play chords on the saxophone). His compositions show influences from such diverse sources as contemporary classical music, jazz, rock, and world music.

Rothenberg is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. He was a founding member (along with J. D. Parran and Robert Dick) of the experimental woodwind trio New Winds. He has been internationally acclaimed for his solo music which he has presented worldwide since 1978.

Rothenberg has lived in New York City since 1978. He has recorded for the Lumina, Tzadik, New World, Axiom, Sub Rosa, Intuition, Victo, Leo, and Animul labels.


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