New York New Fusion Music Concert

Members of I-CAN Music Ensemble join with Unheard-Of//Ensemble, F-Plus Music, and All of the Above Ensembleto premiere 5 pieces by contemporary American and Chinese composers, including Douglas Knehans, Edward Smaldone, Nickitas Demos, Reiko Fueting, and Xian Wang, winner of the New York New Fusion Music Festival composition competition. The concert aims to promote and celebrate a fusion of Western and Eastern music, sharing a single stage for both American and Asian audiences.



MA North Wind Blow                                                                                                arr. Xian Wang

Climbing Tiger Mountain selected from Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy           arr. Xian Wang

In Imitation of Ancient Songs                                                                                   Bruce Saylor

Frontlash (World Premiere)                                                                                       Nickitas Demos

procession– process: peace (dona nobis pacem) (World Premiere)                            Reiko Füting

Water Margin (World Premiere)                                                                                Edward Smaldone

Distant Memories (World Premiere)                                                                          Xian Wang

And Legions Will Rise                                                                                                Kevin Puts

Falling Air (World Premiere)                                                                                     Douglas Knehans


Bruce Saylor

Nickitas Demos

Reiko Füting

Edward Smaldone’s

Xian Wang

Kevin Puts

Douglas Knehans


HU Jianbing

Guo Ran





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