NYC China Institute Summer Day Camp, Open House this Sunday


China Insitute, New York will open Summer Campay for kids to help experience the richness of Chinese language and culture through China Institute’s immersive Summer Day Camp, in Lower Manhattan.

Spend the break learning Mandarin from our accredited and experienced teachers.

Whether complete beginner or an advanced student, there is no better way to improve your knowledge of Chinese than our immersive summer camp program!


NYC Immersive Summer Day Camp (ages 2-14):

Make child’s summer a fun-filled and educational experience by enrolling in Children’s Summer Day Camp at China Institute.

Designed and tailored for different age groups from 2 to 14, the Children’s Summer Day Camp offers classes in Chinese language, history, literature and culture within an exciting and interactive environment to students of all proficiency levels.

Language instruction is led by experienced Chinese language teachers, and courses include exciting historical themes designed to inspire learning, participation and engagement.

Additionally, children will participate in various cultural activities, such as calligraphy, Chinese sports, theater, arts and crafts, storytelling, and cooking. Weekly Friday field trips give your child the opportunity to travel to New York City’s many cultural institutions to broaden the experience and enjoy some Summer sun.

More info, Click

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