RedHwak Native American Council

The Redhawk Native American Arts Council is a not for profit organization founded and maintained by Native American artists and educators residing in the New York City area. Since 1994, the Council is dedicated to educating the general public about Native American heritage through song, dance, theater, works of art and other cultural forms of expression. The council represents artists from North, South, Central American, Caribbean and Polynesian Indigenous cultures.

Redhawk Council produces four of the largest Native American heritage celebrations in the Northeast. The arts council also hosts festivals, workshops, theater presentations and educational programs, addressing stereotypes and fostering an awareness of Native cultures from a historical standpoint, with a focus on contemporary cultural practices. Redhawk shares a traditional Indigenous prospective on sustainable living, thinking green and urban gardening by farming in the council’s garden space.

To present programs within the educational system to help students and educators gain a better understanding of Native American history and diverse cultures represented within Native America. The Council also encourages educators to re-think the current out dated curriculum and apply some of the first hand knowledge shared by Native artists and educators.

Native American Heritage Celebrations

Redhawk hosts four of the largest Native American Pow Wows in New York and New Jersey. Visitors enjoy Native food, music, dance, crafts, art and traditions.

Annually the events include over 1,000 Native American artists, performers, and educators from across the Americas and provide a venue for cross-cultural interaction, and the survival of Native American traditions.

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The Indigenous Peoples Celebration of New York City is seeking funds for its fourth annual FREE gathering on Randall’s Island, which will take place over two days on October 7th and 8th and will feature many indigenous performers and speakers. As always, this event to honor and celebrate the Indigenous Peoples of this country and also this event highlight and support the current national movement to change outdated holidays and monuments honoring figures who have brought harm on vulnerable populations. Specifically, the event support and propose that Columbus Day be changed to Indigenous Peoples Day in New York City and that all monuments honoring Columbus be removed, as honoring this man is rooted in inaccuracy and celebrates a tragic history of genocide and violence against the Indigenous Peoples of this country. New York City’s celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day would contribute greatly to the healing of America’s indigenous community, and it would honor this community’s resilience, strength, and ongoing contributions to American culture and history. Indigenous Peoples and their voices are more important now than ever, with this community leading the way on current, urgent issues like the growing call for greater environmental awareness and protections.

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petition to ask New York City to join Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Portland, Sante Fe, Berkeley, Rapid City, Madison, and many other cities who recognize that now is the time to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Please help us raise funds to support this free community event as gather on Randall’s Island for two days to celebrate Indigenous Cultures.

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