Rodrigo, Argentina Born Shakuhachi Player Comes to NYC

Argentina Born, celebrated shakuhachi player Rodrigo Rodriguez comes to NYC to perform at the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn as one part of Sakura Matsuri (festival). Rodrigo’s concert will happen on April 29-30th at the Auditorium of the Museum, this ambitious Spanish flutist Rodrigo Rodriguez will perform a meditative shakuhachi music in the concert.

Born in Argentina (1978). Rodriguez moved to Spain in 1986, where he spent most of his childhood. Fascinated by Japanese music, he studied classical and traditional Japanese music under the lineages of Katsuya Yokoyama with the Master Kakizakai Kaoru in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School. In the late 2009 Rodriguez started to study with the renowned master of Japan’s leading players of shakuhachi Miyata Kohachiro, interested in Contemporary and Koten(Classical) Shakuhachi.

As a young child, Rodrigo had a vision for imitating the music and sounds he heard in his mind. His many and diverse travels enabled him to acquire a rare collection of experiences from which to create his unique compositional language. In 2006 several compositions from his album “Inner Thoughts” were licensed, arousing the interest of a well known record label, Gemini Sun Record based in Los Angeles, CA. Rodrigo’s compositions can be divided into three basic categories: New Age, World Music and Contemporary Music.

Photo Courtesy of Rodrigo Rodriguez

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