The Melodies on the Silkroad, Chinese Dulcimer Yangqin and Musician Chao Tian

Dulcimer is one of the early musical instrument and  it is considered to be among the ancestors of the piano. Each country has their own name of this instrument, Yangqin ( 洋琴) means ‘Western(洋) Zither(琴) literally in Chinese characters, Korea has same instrument named same Chinese character’s name, Yanggeum. The instrument is regarded to be introduced by land, through the Silk Road.

There is a beautiful woman who play this beautiful instrument and moved to USA to complete resident program for prestigious artist at the Strathmore Music Center, Bethesda. As a leading performer on the Yangqin, she is a board member of Beijing Association of China Traditional Music, and leader of “Always Folk” ensemble, a member of 12 Girls Band. She has  B.A and M.A degrees from the China Conservatory and she is playing also piano and percussion. She studied cimbalom under Victoria Herencsar, Hungarian cimbalom virtuoso to broadened her understanding of Western classical and religious music under virtuoso Victoria Herencsar, which broadened her understanding of western classical and religious music.

Her first concert in this visiting to USA ‘Neo-Chinese Impression’ will happen on April 11th, and more workshops and music event follows after that. The last concert is scheduled on Apr. 25th titled “Art of Fusion”.

*Photo: Courtesy of Chao Tian

Upcoming Concert

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11, 2018, 7:30PM


Ticket: $17

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