“Tteuk-guk’, Lunar New Year’s Symbolic Food in Korea

Photo by Naver

There is a New Year food tradition of Korea. Korean people eat Tteokguk, meanining of sliced lice cake soup celebrating New Year’s Day. There is more interesting reason they eat the dish, it is believed to grant the consumer good luck for the year and gain a real year of age!

The food is basically broth put beef, cooked eggs and sliced rice cake. An the main ingredient is a beef or pheasant to make the deep tasteful soup. It is so nutrient and good for health, Tteokguk is one of the favorite dishes of Korean People. Not only for the New Years Day, they are enjoin the soup normally any time. So if you visit to Korea, you can find easily the restaurant or casual food shop which sell the menu.

But please remember, Korean people use quite a bit heavy chopsticks in stainless requiring uneasy chopstick grab manner! You know, sometimes in the high society, they used to get the chopstick and spoons made in Gold!


-TeRra™ Magazine

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