We Love ‘Jam, Asia’!

In New York, there is an awesome student organization loving Asian culture, enjoying the cultural experience, they are really cool! Despite of their tight schedule of academic calendar, they never stop doing what they really want to do.

The organization ‘Jam Asia’ has almost 17 years, quite long time history. In the beginning it was the ASA, the Asian Student Alliance. However, somewhere in the early 2000’s the ASA split into two clubs, Jam Asia, and the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance. APISA focused awareness through political and cultural discussion, while Jam Asia focused more awareness through performance. As far as we are aware it has stayed that way since the split in the early 2000s.

Apparently with their enthusiasm of that activities, bunch of events hosting can inspire and encourage them and empower their mission by themselves. In the Fall semester they mostly work on marketing trying to let people get comfortable with the club by doing things such as dance or modelling workshops. In the spring they have our week in Rainbow month. Usually on the Monday of that week we have a food festival free of charge where we order food from various establishments near our university that serves Asian food and serve it to the students to let them try food they normally wouldn’t eat​.

They usually have a middle day that varies from year to year. Two years ago it was an interactive dance workshop with teachers from India, the Philippines, and Japan. Last year they had something almost like a street market where students could do various activities. On the Friday of that week we usually have our annual show. During the show they have acts from members within the club and other student performance organizations such as singing and dancing. They also have a modelling portion where outfits are designed by students or some of our alumni to be modeled by other students. They are generally open and do not really turn people away unless they do not meet our deadlines for which they need to be ready. Other than that they usually accept everyone.


This week, their theme for this year is Asian National Beasts, the first event: Feast Mode(Asian Food Festival) will be on Monday. Tuesday, our second event will be Cool Cat Cafe. And the show of year will be on Thursday, there will have Kpop & Traditional dance, Modeling scene designed by their fashion designers, Singing & SMACC!!! Catch them in every events, don’t miss any of the best part.



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