Young Ladies Beauty of Asia Contest by Vietnamese Student Association Baruch

On April 26, Miss Asia contest happen Baruch College Multipurpose Room. This year, it became 3rd contest and the theme of the year is VSA Fashion and it will showcase all the beautiful Asian cultures at Baruch College. This pageant-style event will showcase different Asian cultures, promote self-confidence, and unite communities of different backgrounds. The three rounds will provide contestants with the opportunity to perform a talent, showcase their culture as well as model an evening gown.

The contestants this year are Miss South Korea, Bangladesh, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Jaipur(India), Russia, China, Vizag (South East India)

The host is a Vietnamese student association of Baruch College (VSA), Founded in 2013, the association seeks to promote cultural awareness, increase ethnic diversity and provide a platform for students to foster a better understanding of the Vietnamese culture and heritage. They encourage and guide students to explore different ethnic backgrounds and guide students to explore different ethnic backgrounds to increase tolerance for diversity. Ultimately allowing individuals to integrate and collaborate with people of different backgrounds. They are hosting annually Miss Asia contest proudly with the young impassioned mission

Misa Asia Page:

VSA Official Website:

Facebook: Baruch VSA
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Snapchat: baruchvs

Photo from VSA Official Website & Facebook Page

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